Angelina Ganiere

Angelina has had a super fun year so far. She’s in total heaven at home amongst her Bearded Dragons, Tortoises, Dogs, and Fish. When she grows up she wants to help animals in need. In the meantime you can find her at dance class, violin lessons, tumbling class, acting class or out there at auditions.

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Redemption                                             Co-Star – Angel                                        It’s a Turkey Productions

The Man Who Knew Too Much          Principal – Hunter’s Daughter              Daniel Levi

Grey Noise                                               Principal – Young Nicola                        Kelly Hughes

Sunflower                                                Co-Star – The Girl                                     Taeho Kang

Nursery Rhyme                                      Principal – Jill                                           Mayhem Productions

Chinatown                                               Co-Star – Amelie                                       Yan Chen

Arden                                                        Principal – Arden                                      Ian Duncan

My Friend Clementine                          Co-Star – Kayla                                         Becky Franklin

Mirror Image                                           Lead – Sarah                                             Kevin Otte

Goodbye Forever                                     Lead – Frances                                       Grace Adelson

The Notice                                                Principal- Sarah Brown                        Onyx Productions



Criminal Minds                                    Greta Jacobsen                                                Tawnia McKeinan

You’re Whole                                        Gossamer                                                           Michael Showalter

The Office                                              Dwight’s Little Sister                                       Brian Cranston

A.N.T. Farm                                          Kindegarten Kid                                               Disney

The Wiki Tiki Hut                               Lead – Angel                                                       Rio Vista Universal

Japanese Re-Enactment                    Little Girl                                                           Duo Creations

Secret Lives of Kids                             Self                                                                      3 Ball Productions



Arden                                                  Principal – Arden                                    Ian Duncan

Nursery Rhyme                                   Principal – Jill                                       Ed Sanchez




Scene Study                                         (Current)                                               Gray Studios

Scene Study and Improv                                                                                   The Actorsite

Private Coaching                                                                                                 Neil Dale

Scene Study                                                                                                         Patrick Day & Nora Eckstein

Violin                                                     Beginner                                             Penny Sande


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