Christian Ganiere

Christian is 9 years old and busy busy! From Parkour to playing his guitar to Lego Robotics class, he’s always on the move. This has been a super year for Christian acting wise as well! He’s had a blast working with some fantastic directors and actors.






Together                                              Co-Star – Young Tyler              Safier Ent.

Wish Man                                            Co-Star – Michael                      333 Films

High Road                                           Lead – Joseph                             MainStay Prod.

The Nanny                                          Lead – Michael                           Epic Pictures

Good Fairies                                       Co-Star – Little Boy                   Aron Shorr

A Tree Called Life                              Lead – Young Malcolm            Jamie Deacon

Darkness Rising                                 Co-Star – Seth                           Austin Reading

Reaper Tales                                       Lead – Boy                                 Steven Boe

The Way We Weren’t                        Principal – 1st Grade Boy       Rick Hays

To Dust Return                                  Co-Star – Mike                          Chris Ross

Redemption                                        Principal – Teddy                      It’s a Turkey Prod.

Sunflower                                            Lead – The Boy                          Taeho Kang



The Bay                                               Recurring – Young Chase         Amazon Studios

Days of Our Lives                              Recurring – Parker Jonas         NBC

Monica Potter Pilot                           Recurring – Dylan                     Andy Ackerman

About A Boy                                        Principal – Deby’s Son            Dax Shepard

Super Doctors                                     Principal – Baby Chris            Duo Creations

The Wiki Tiki Hut                             Featured                                     Rio Vista Universal


Conflicts list available upon request


Conflicts list available upon request


Private Acting Lessons                     (Current)                             Anthony Ocasio

Scene Study                                        (Current)                             Gray Studios

Scene Study & Improv                                                                     The Actorsite

Private Coaching                                                                               Neil Dale

Tumbling                                            (Current)                              Hugo’s Gym

Parkour                                               (Current)                             Hugo’s Gym

TaeKwonDo                                                                                       Iron Fist

Christian’s REEL 


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